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All of our Antonio Strad Instruments are built to our specifications and professionally set up in San Antonio, Texas by our professional luthiers. From the professional to the beginner, our instruments provide you with highest quality at affordable prices.
We work with workshops all over the world to bring you the best advancing violins at affordable prices. All of our violins are hand carved from seasoned solid wood ensuring stability and a mature tonal quality. Seasoned tone wood means that the wood has been aged, sitting in a controlled climate for years and even decades before being used to make a violin. We import in French bridges that are individually hand cut and custom fitted to each instrument. We hand select name brand strings to compliment each instrument’s natural sound. Before making it to our showroom or a customer’s hands, each instrument is individually tested and fine tuned ensuring that it meets our high standards.
We offer a wide range of advancing instruments to meet every player’s needs. Let us help guide you in your selection. Please email or call with any questions you might have and our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to help discover the perfect instrument for you.
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Ming-Jiang Zhu 907 Violin Ming-Jiang Zhu 907 Violin
Regular Price: $3,520.00
Carlo Conti Masters Violin Carlo Conti Masters Violin
Regular Price: $3,850.00
Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Ming Jiang Zhu 909
Regular Price: $4,180.00
Antonio Russo Violin Antonio Russo Violin
Regular Price: $4,290.00
Stefano Belizzi Violin Stefano Belizzi Violin
Regular Price: $4,620.00
Mair Baldwin Violin Mair Baldwin Violin
Regular Price: $6,050.00